We are interested in your services. Do you charge a fee to come evaluate our needs and provide a quote?

No. This is a free service. First, we will talk with you over the phone to learn a bit more about your business or organization and then book an appointment to come to your location to evaluate your needs and build a recommendation that is custom to your business needs.

It appears you order product for the clients.  Does this service cost a lot extra for your customers?

No, in fact, we are often able to get products for less than what the customer is able to get it for through other distribution points. We keep our margins very small on hardware to facilitate this process for our customers. We provide a professional quote to your inbox and the authorized person approves the purchase. We order the product, configure it (on site or remotely) , install it and the product is invoiced through normal billing procedures.

When we become a client, how will we get help from your team?

There are a variety of ways you can get help:

  • Go to the website and click on Service Ticket
  • Send an email directly to our Help Desk (which automatically opens a ticket)
  • Open a ticket through your Client Login (Customer Portal). The customer portal gives customers access to view or open tickets, display past/present invoices and set-up automated or one-time payments.

What if we have an IT person on site to do our day to day but they need help from time to time.  Is it possible to work with us to support our staff? 

We are being asked this more often. Technology has gotten complex and it is challenging for a business to hire the right talent to cover all the dimensions of protecting your business and infrastructure. Beyond the obvious such as desktop support and responding to your associates when their computer isn’t performing, there are many other important elements to maintaining and growing a secure network. Overall network strategy, CIO services (plan, budget, design), Security, WAP, Security Cameras (if needed), Server/Cloud strategy, Compliance Reporting are just a few elements of considerations when it comes to your network.  It proves to be challenging to hire the right skillset if you have only 1 or 2 people on staff.  Hiring a desktop technician is very different than hiring a Systems Engineer. What we see most often is limited resources get consumed by the day to day squeaky wheels (such as a computer that doesn’t work) and the other very important elements fall behind which, over time, affect the entire organization through a network that isn’t up to date.

Our Co-Managed IT offering will customize complimentary services to your existing IT infrastructure. Here’s an example of how this works:  A company with roughly 95 end users has an existing I.T. Manager and one Help Desk person. The I.T. Manager is requesting to budget another full-time person plus multiple technology tools (plus ramp up/training)  for the next fiscal year.  The full cost of this request is nearly 98K in added expense to the budget. For less than half that cost, ENS would support your existing staff with cutting edge technology tools that monitor, patch and auto-fix many performance issues real time, all the time. The servers would also be monitored, patched and maintained 24/7. In this example, Eagle Network Solutions would be the “phone a friend” when your staff is either overwhelmed with tickets or need an added resource to work through an issue. Our service includes a ticketing system for your current staff to use which would enable them to escalate to us if they wanted our help, provide your leaders a Dashboard for on their computer showing (real-time) KPI’s and we offer regular reporting to your leadership team. 

With the growing cost of Technology and businesses that want a hybrid approach to manaing their day-to-day operations, we see Co-Managed IT growing in popularity.

We are looking for a fully managed solution that gives us predictable monthly billing.  Do you offer it?

Yes, not only do we offer it, it is rapidly growing to be our preferred method of working with customers.  Customers value the predictability and enjoy not worrying about if a phone call to their Help Desk (us) is going to result in a bigger bill at the end of the month.  Request a consultation and we will work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs and budget.

We are interested in becoming a client, what do you need from us?

Send us an email at ensinfo@eaglemsp.com (or fill out the form on the Contact page of our website) and we will reach out to start the conversation.

What is the billing process?

We bill agreements and services monthly. Large hardware purchases may be billed upon shipment from the distributor or wait until month end.  We provide documentation on all tickets worked and they accompany monthly invoices in a time/materials bill (separate from agreement invoices).  All invoices are emailed to the primary billing contact.  We are able to cc other members of the client’s organization upon request.

Who do I contact if I have a billing question?

There are a variety of ways to get help:

  • Call: 603-782-0700, option 4 or 207-613-1144, option 4. Your voicemail will open a ticket for support from our Operations Team.
  • Email operations@eaglemsp.com  to open a ticket with our Operations Team.

I need vendor information (certificate of insurance) or a W9 form. Who do I contact for that?

Please email our accounting team at  operations@eaglemsp.com.

I don’t have a login/password to the portal that allows us to see the status of our tickets.  How do I get one?

Go to the Client Login screen on our website and click on “Request Account”.  You will receive credentials by email.

What is the best address to send our payment to and what methods of payments do you accept?

Please remit to our business office:
80 Palomino Lane, Suite 202, Bedford, NH 03110

Client Portal
This allows you to set up one-time or automatic payments via ACH or credit card.

We are looking for a local company. 

We are local to northern New England.  Owners Kaleb and Amy Jacob grew up in Maine and spent much of their adult life in central and southern Maine and southern New Hampshire. New Hampshire is now “home” but they spend significant amounts of time in Maine at their cabin on Coburn Mountain in Western Maine, enjoying snowmobiling and outdoor adventures.  We have one fully remote associate and the rest are all local to southern Maine or New Hampshire. We value our people. They are the special sauce that makes us great. Check out their Bios on the “Our Team” page.

How long have you been in business?

Eagle Network Solutions was founded in 2004 in Scarborough, Maine as a one-man operation.  In 2007, we moved to New Hampshire and opened a new location in Manchester. Mid-2014 we relocated our business to our current office in Bedford, New Hampshire. We also have an office in Scarborough, Maine.

What size businesses do you currently handle?

Our current customer base ranges from micro-small businesses of 2-5 employees to multi-site/multi-state New England businesses with well over 100 associates. We offer products and services that scale to any size small to medium business. We offer two models:

  • Complete Support IT:  We ARE your IT Department. We handle it all and will customize a solution based upon what your organization needs.
  • Co-Managed IT:  We enhance your current IT Department, without adding headcount or benefits. Examples of how co-managed IT can augment your existing team:
      • Your organization may need automated monitoring/patching and remediation to free up your precious internal resources to focus on end-user support.
      • You may want a service that sends out Security Awareness Training modules to your associates on a regular basis. 
      • You may need advanced Cyber Security services that would require your organization to add multiple people to your staff to satisfy.
      • You may have a Leader of IT responsible for oversight and direction but your organization needs a “Help Desk” for end-user support.