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CIO Services

Your CIO should be viewed as a strategic part of your executive team; bringing years of industry knowledge to your critical business decisions. 

Project Management

Out experienced project team can help your business with larger projects of any size that require both onsite and remote support and configuration 

Local Support

Feel comfortable with localize support staff to respond to your needs.


Whether you need additional support to augment your current team, or if your business model doesn’t support having a full-time IT staff, the team at Eagle Network Solutions can keep your business running efficiently…no matter the size or what your office looks like.

Proactive Care—Prevents Issues!

24×7 Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance helps identify problems with your technology… BEFORE it affects your business. Eagle Network Solutions Proactive Services are built to cover your critical hardware infrastructure and perform regular maintenance and updates along with monitoring the performance of your asset. Our team is on the lookout to for potential problems to mitigate before they become a real issue in your business and our Help Desk stands ready to support your staff if a problem occurs.

Co-Managed IT Services

Eagle Network Solutions Managed solution gives you the most robust coverage—with predictable pricing to make your IT budgeting process as simple and straightforward as possible. When you have our Managed Solutions in place on your server, network device or workstation, your asset is covered. We monitor and maintain it as described below and your team can call for support without increasing your monthly IT billing.

CIO Services

Our mission is to be your trusted advisor on all things network/IT-related. We listen, ask questions and understand your business first before making recommendations. We understand the importance of right-sizing your technology to your business today with consideration to future growth and locations and budgetary constraints. We will offer you suggestions and recommendations on how to keep your network and business as secure as possible in the constantly evolving field of IT. Rely on our CIO services during key planning times of year or reach out and connect with us on an “as needed” basis. We strive to be that trusted advisor resource for you and we view ourselves as an extension of our customer’s team.

Help Desk Provider Maine, NH and Northern MA

Our team of Help Desk support representatives are an extension of your team. We have a variety of remote and onsite options available to support your staff and keep them focused on your business.

Network Engineering Support

Our Network Engineers are great at what they do!  Whether it’s working a project to deploy new network devices, or perform routine maintenance on your servers, they operate close to our clients and also become an extension of your team.

Anti-Virus Protection

Protect your business against unwanted attacks. We offer fully managed AV services for our clients in many of our packages and also as an add-on option.

Project Management & Implementation

Eagle Network Solutions offers project management for any and all of your network / IT infrastructure initiatives. Some examples of projects we manage: design, implement and maintain small business networks,  technology cutovers, office moves and  network device deployments.

Anti-Spam Services

Spam is both a nuisance and time waster. It is also another avenue for a vicious virus attack on your business. We offer anti-spam options to help minimize this business distraction and threat.

Data Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Solutions

We offer a number of quality options for backing up your important data to minimize the impact of a lost hard drive or malicious virus attack. Imagine a catastrophic event and the impact it would have on your operations moving forward? Let us help you identify the right solution based on your business need and budget.

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