**Important Information Related to Microsoft Outlook Users  **

Today our anti-virus partner Trend Micro gave us a three-hour warning for an important 3:00 p.m. webinar about a Microsoft Outlook vulnerability which requires immediate action.  This type of notification is unprecedented which underscores the seriousness of the vulnerability.  The link below explains more and what you can do to protect yourself.

For our Fully Managed (Complete Support Clients):  This critical patch has automatically been pushed out to all of our fully managed clients, so if you are one of them, there is no need to do anything and you will automatically be protected.  We took care of this before the close of business day today, less than 2 hours after the conference call.

For our Break Fix Clients/those not on Complete Support:  if you are on one of our legacy programs and not fully managed, our recommendation is to install Microsoft Updates on all hardware as soon as possible.  If you are not sure what to do:  exit Outlook and turn your computer completely off until we are able to assist. Timing is not good today for such an event, so if you need our help, we recommend opening a ticket on Monday morning because we expect a very high call volume.  What is unusual about this vulnerability is that you can lock your workstation and walk away, and your computer can be compromised without any user intervention. Again, keeping Outlook off will eliminate this problem until your computer is patched.  This impacts the Microsoft Outlook application, regardless of where your e-mail is hosted whether it is Microsoft 365, Gmail or any other service.

It is recommended to immediately install Microsoft Office Updates:  Here is the link to the detailed Microsoft Release:   https://msrc.microsoft.com/update-guide/vulnerability/CVE-2023-23397

Here is a Forbes Article with additional insight:  

This Critical New Microsoft Outlook Exploit Needs No User Interaction (forbes.com)

Again, if you need our assistance, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket with us by emailing ens@eaglemsp.com after 8:00 a.m. Monday morning.   

Thank you, 

Kaleb & the Team at ENS