It was on the news this morning the National Security Agency (NSA) recently alerted Microsoft to a flaw in Windows 10, which is now the most widely used operating system. Microsoft responded by releasing a patch to fix this major vulnerability that could expose users to breaches or surveillance.

Organizations and companies operating W10 should implement the patch immediately which was released yesterday. Microsoft added that it’s (built in) security software can detect and block malware attempting to exploit this vulnerability.

If you subscribe to Managed Service Plans with patching included (Proactive Care, Managed Care, Complete Care) for your server or computers with Eagle Network Solutions, this patch is part of your routine patching taking place this week at no additional charge. Ongoing, when you hear news reports in the news similar to this, you can have peace of mind if Microsoft releases a critical update, our managed services clients are covered through an automated process.

If you aren’t getting regular patching from us, it would be a good idea to inquire about it to keep your systems safe.

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