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As I read this article about the advanced capabilities of WIFI and what it means to businesses, it seemed like a whitepaper on our MoJo wireless product. We became a MoJo Parnter, formerly Airtight Networks, over two years ago and at first it seemed a bit high end for our clients. Over time, it has been our go-to product for WIFI to keep our clients safer and to offer much better reliability and total network segregation for guest access. If you have an open guest WIFI, there is a good chance that your guests are not the only ones connected to it. Where are they going and what are they downloading? Did you know that if an employee or guest goes to a site to illegally download a movie that you may considered responsible? ISP’s have compliance departments that look for this and notify their customers of violations as a warning the first time. Also, if you have a family in your lobby on your WIFI and one or two are on iPad’s watching a Netflix movie, how does that affect the rest of your corporate internet speed? We “throttle” guest WIFI to make sure your staff are not slowed down for the sake of “free” WIFI. Although separated, it all comes in on one pipe.

Taking your business into the future
Next-generation Wi-Fi provides advanced capabilities

Kaleb Jacob