By Thomas Begush – Service Technician II

Would you like to prevent cyber-attacks from happening?  Wouldn’t it be reassuring to have more visibility to what information is flowing into and out of your company’s network?

Eagle Network Solutions has partnered with one of the largest technology companies in the world, Cisco Systems, Inc. to be able to offer a security service that allows for in-depth inspection internet traffic.  The Umbrella system is cloud-based and unobtrusive. It gives some detailed insight into the daily operations of the network, right down to each server, computer, and user. We have approximately 20 clients which have previously deployed this security system, and we have already used it to eliminate several serious, invisible threats.

In the image below, you can see the total number of requests for each of our organizations in the green column on the left.  To the right, every non-zero number is a threat that has been blocked at the source.  As you can see, there are a lot of total requests. Keep in mind that even one click can trigger more than a dozen requests when online.

Security isn’t the only feature of Umbrella. We can provide you and your organization with the specifics of web-surfing activities. We can block specific topics like social media or shopping, to help your employees maintain productivity. We can apply this type of policy directly to any computer, so that certain employees are blocked, but others, like HR or the Executive Team, are not. In the image below, you can see just a few of the categories that we have the ability to block.

The information that this service provides about what’s really going on under the hood is invaluable for Eagle Network Solutions to help keep your organization safe. Having a good reaction time after something bad does happen is great, but stopping the headaches before they ever start is even better. Being proactive is always better (and cheaper) than being reactive and scrambling to contain a crypto or malware attack.

Because the security happens in the cloud, there is no overhead on your computer to slow it down.  Umbrella is dynamic and constantly being improved upon, the longer you use it, the smarter it becomes. It can learn an adapt to the specific needs of your organization.   In the chart below we can see the traffic being sorted and categorized by threat level.

Eagle Network Solutions looks forward to working with you and your organization to enhance the level of security protecting your network. Gone are the days when a firewall on the perimeter of your network was enough to keep you safe. Firewalls are absolutely necessary, but cybersecurity is more complex today and requires us to constantly evaluate and weigh products that make up our security offering.  Umbrella is one of the more affordable pieces to that puzzle. Today’s threats are becoming increasingly clever at infiltrating and infecting your network.  If your employees are connecting their cell phones to your wifi – how do you know what they’re up to?  How do you know their cell phone or smartwatch isn’t compromised?  Desktops, laptops, phones, watches, printers, thermostats, or any other “smart” device on your network has the potential to become a threat.  Stop them before they even start with the enhanced security that Umbrella can provide.

For more details on all the wonders of Cisco Umbrella, click HERE to learn more.