At Eagle Network Solutions, we constantly strive to align ourselves with brands that we feel are high in quality and deliver a great customer experience. Earlier this year, we started offering an impressive security camera solution called Verkada and we like what we see and so do our customers who have purchased them. If your business has been considering replacing their current system, or if you are considering cameras for the first time, we invite you to check out this solution. Here are the features we love:

  • No NVR’s/DVR’s  (After all, how many times have you heard about these being broken when you need them the most or stolen by the criminals during a break in!?)
  • Footage can be viewed anywhere from any device (including Apple TV) and easily shareable via SMS / Email with anyone.
  • Up to 120 days of uninterrupted footage (30 days is the minimum).
  • 10 year warranty is standard with every purchase!  This includes free next day shipping.   (My favorite feature, personally.)
  • High quality footage.
  • Real time analytics.

The team at Verkada has been easy and very responsive to work with. In fact, we had an installation earlier today where one of the cameras being installed was rebooting constantly.  We suspected (at first) it was a hardware failure. We were able to immediately partner with a Verkada support team member and the installer on site and successfully worked through the issue real-time with no return trip necessary.

Every week, the team at Verkada hosts open weekly webinars to demonstrate their product and answer any questions. They last less than an hour. It’s easy to sign up. Visit our website and go to the Products tab >  Security Camera Solution. On that page, there is a link to sign up for one of the scheduled webinars.  Or use the link posted below. If you attend, they will send you a free Yeti Tumbler  (pretty cool gift for simply learning more about their product line).  If you can’t make the call you sign up for, no problem. They will send you the link to the recorded webinar after so you can watch it on your own time (no Yeti, though…that is only for attendees).

Click Here to sign up for a webinar.

You can always email your Team at Eagle Network Solutions for more info or to coordinate next steps such as trying out a test camera or obtain a quote.

Your ENS Team