You know that you should change your oil in your car when a warning light comes on. The light is an improvement from years ago when you had to keep track of maintenance and mileage yourself. IT systems are no different. They need maintenance too, but there isn’t always a warning light. Maintenance comes in the way of an employee tasked with keeping everything up to date and running smoothly, while also engaging in the more visible busy work of assisting other employees. Some companies outsource their IT to an IT firm like Eagle Network Solutions or a consultant. As companies grow, many still use MSP services such as patching, monitoring and automation so they don’t have to increase IT staff. We can cater a plan to do it all, or just some of your IT tasks to compliment the staff you already have in place. With the fast growing economy, competent IT people may be harder to attract and we can scale with your business depending on your needs.

So how do you know that maintenance is being done? At Eagle Network Solutions, we invest in systems that monitor your PC’s, servers and network hardware to look for trends and get ahead of problems before they interrupt your business and stop your associates (and customers) in their tracks. No one knows more than business owners that downtime is costly. Our managed services assure you that someone is “on it” and your systems are patched and up to date which helps prevent failures. If you take advantage of our managed services, you don’t have to worry about your network and you don’t have to rely on a human to run through a checklist of tasks. Humans go on vacation, and sometimes they are redirected to other projects. Sadly, sometimes they don’t do what they are supposed to do when supervision is light. We believe it’s better to automate whenever possible than to rely on the old way of network maintenance. It’s like the light on your dashboard again, but instead it says “your oil has just been changed.” How great would that be?

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The Team at ENS